Feb. 11th, 2013

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I restarted Final Fantasy VIII a couple days ago. I have started it a couple of times, but have only played it all the way through once, so it feels like a new game. I'm not very far yet, unfortunately, and that's because the beginning is very slow. The battle system is complicated and hard to get into until you figure out what you're doing. I think part of the problem is the game's way of introducing the battle system to you is making you watch dry tutorials. Other Final Fantasy games are like this too, I guess, but I don't remember them being this bad. Final Fantasy X, for example, had a tutorial on the sphere grid, but you learned how to use each character in battle through dialogue in actual battles.

Unfortunately, I don't remember much about Junctioning, so I am taking my time and reading all of said tutorials when they come up. Part of me wants to set everything on auto to make things easier, but things are slowly coming back to me, and there's something rewarding about getting Perfects after hitting R1 at the right time.

I'll post more on the game as I get through it. If anyone wants to play the game now, it's a great time to get it. Sony is having a sale on the Final Fantasy games this week for Final Fantasy's anniversary. The games are $4.99 each now, and you can play them on your PS3, Vita, or PSP. I, unfortunately, had already bought most of the Final Fantasy games at full price ($9) and was missing only one, so I bought Tactics the other day. I'm waiting on my friend Jane to play it; she wants to play it together. 

This is what my Vita screen currently looks like:


What can I say? I'm a completist. :P If you have a Sony system, friend me! I'm FiendlordTodd.

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