Apr. 16th, 2013

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I made a new friend on my first day of work. His name is Jacob, and he's the grocery manager of the first store I visited this week. We've been texting back and forth, and after making plans to hang out, I wanted to let him know I'm gay, so there's not that awkward "oh yeah, I'm gay," moment later on. I always struggle when it comes to this, because I don't act gay, and people can't tell unless I tell them. I don't like advertising it, but I won't lie about it, so if someone asks or needs to know, I let them know. Me going to his house to play games alone with him? And then him adding me on Facebook, where he most assuredly will find out on his own?  I felt it was best if I told him. His reaction was awesome. And our conversation afterward:

 Dude, that's cool. Sexuality means nothing to me. Or my friends, so don't worry about that.

And when you do finally hang out with my group, which you will, let's be honest, you won't ever be judged.

Me: I'm... also a Power Ranger. And an Animorph.

Jacob: See, this is why you'd fit in so well with my friends. lol

Me: Lol, I am serious. Don't tell anyone. The yeerks will find me.

My new job is going amazingly well. I've visited two stores so far, and both stores had people asking me if I could be their Kompass rep, as they don't like their current one, and well, I'm awesome. ;) I have a really great work relationship with my boss, Brian, too, who has called me and asked me to do a couple last minute projects for him so far. I always do what Brian asks because he takes care of me, and I like being his right hand guy. He's the reason I'm even back at this job. I would still be at HellStop.

My last two weeks at GameStop were torture, and officially the slowest two weeks of my life, but I won't dwell on them; they're over now. I did let loose during my exit interview. The HR manager had a lot to type, lol. I figure even if I'm not there anymore, I want to better the working conditions for my friends who are still there, and my staff.

We've found two apartments we like so far. The one I'm leaning toward is $605 a month. I want to see if we can find one even cheaper, though, so we'll still look for a while.

Sorry for being a horrible DW/LJ friend lately. During my last two weeks at GameStop, I was kind of dead after work, so I haven't been reading/commenting/updating like I do. I will catch up soon.

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