May. 6th, 2013

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I started back at the Augusta Dillons today. That was the store I was the Kompass rep for three years ago. For the most part, returning was pretty good. There was this guy named David who is about my age and ahead of the Produce Department there. He left Dillons for some time and just returned himself. He told me he is happy I am back, which felt awesome. There is another guy named Brandon who is about my age too, who works there. He remembered me as well and smiled when I walked in the door. Brandon actually seems really awesome. I remember liking him the last time I was there, but I was too shy to initiate anything other than work conversation at the time. I'll have to remedy that this time.

Kathy, who is apparently Bitch #1 at Dillons to most people, was a sweetheart to me like she always has been. She didn't like a number of Kompass reps that were sent to that store (who all ultimately did not work out as a result) but was happy to see me and expressed how happy she is to finally have a good Kompass person again. I try to go above and beyond for stores to make their sections look perfect, because I want to make them look good, which makes me look good, and strengthens my relationship with them. Today, I changed every single shelf strip on the bread aisle, which was a pain in the ass -- a point my coworker made abundantly clear ALL DAY -- but several people commented on how much better the aisle looks, and Kathy said it's evident I care.

The new store manager was really the only negative part of my whole day. The store is between department heads for some reason, so I had to get him to check off my sets and help me with locating items I needed, and assisting with problems that arose, and he made it seem like it was the biggest annoyance to have to stop and help me. I'm sure it was, but damn, there was no one else, and he wouldn't let any of his sales associates sign off on anything. At one point he said jokingly, "So this is how it's going to be, huh, Todd?" when I had to get him to print a planogram for me... I told him when he gets department heads, I'll bother them instead. Still, I'm aggravated that he was annoyed.

Work is still amazing. My boss approved me for overtime this week, which I'll end up having to use to get two stores* done this week. I definitely could use the Overtime hours after my shitty hours last week.

*A Kompass rep is out with cancer, and I'm covering her store as well as mine until she gets back.

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