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Distant Worlds

I'm officially on vacation. Have been since Thursday, actually. Thursday, Shane and I went with our friends Jane and Christie to Nebraska to see a Final Fantasy concert. Christie is in the picture above with me. It was as I put on Twitter, "Oh my God, where did my balls go?" cold in Nebraska, but the concert was amazing. It was Nobuo Uematsu's birthday, so we got to sing Happy Birthday to him, and the orchestra played Uematsu's favorite Final Fantasy song, Unrequited Love from Final Fantasy IX, for the first time live for us. I just have no words.

They of course played my favorite song, too. Some of you who know me probably know what it is, but I want to have some fun with this. In my next ten entries, I am going to do a countdown of my absolute favorite Final Fantasy pieces. I'll let you know what my favorite piece is last.

So, without further adieu, Number 10 is:

Suspense.  )
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It's 2AM. I just got off from working a midnight for Gears of War, and I can't sleep. Maybe I shouldn't have drank all that Dr Pepper at work tonight.

I don't really have anything special to write about, as everything has been same-old same-old for the last week or so, but I did want to write and say I'm not dead.

I also want to say I have one more full work day tomorrow, an  8-hour Store Manager meeting Wednesday, and then I'm off for a week-long vacation! More like a staycation since I can't afford to go home to SC, but Shane, Jane, and I are going to a Final Fantasy concert on Thursday! I'm super excited. Going to spend the rest of the time playing games, working on my sites, cleaning, and just lounging around. I also plan to look around for a new place, because our lease expires in June and we want to find somewhere a little cheaper.

I am going to go lay down and try to force myself to sleep now.


Mar. 10th, 2013 03:47 pm
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Happy Birthday

My birthday was awesome. Shane got me the cake above and this. It was a Tidus birthday. ;)

Hibachi was excellent. It was good seeing Jane, cause she was in Australia for the past two weeks and just got back. Zach and Barbara were good company, too. I had a great birthday dinner.

Barbara and Zach got me a $25 Amazon gift card. Jane got me a $25 GameStop gift card that I used to buy another $25 Amazon gift card, haha. My friend Scott got me the next three issues of The Walking Dead series I needed. I went ahead and bought the rest of the series with my Amazon gift cards. Now I own up to Volume 17. I stopped at 6 because they were too expensive to keep going til next payday. The series is so good but so expensive! I'm happy I don't have to worry about that now. The series is still ongoing, but Volume 18 isn't out yet, and now that I'm caught up, buying one a time as they release won't be so bad.

My mom sent me a $100 money order for late Christmas/early birthday. I bought a keyboard and case for my Kindle Fire with some of it. I can use that case to stand the Kindle up with the keyboard so it looks and feels like a laptop. I downloaded My Writing Spot (check it out here), a cheap novel-writing app that I'm going to use for Nanowrimo this year. I'd like to use it to start writing a novel before November, but my work life needs to calm down first. My Writing Spot uses a cloud storage system and comes with a free PC version, so I can write from my Kindle Fire or my PC, and pick up where I left off no matter where I was writing. I really like how the app looks and feels; I particularly like how I can divide my novel by chapter, and it tells me the word count of each chapter.

Shane and I went to JC Penny yesterday and spent the rest of my mom's money order on clothes. I bought a red button-down shirt, and three polos - black, navy, and red. It took everything in me to not go to American Eagle instead, but JC Penny has some pretty nice stuff, and I was able to get more for my money. I think I'm growing up, haha.
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Mom's Birthday Message

Aw, man, really? Awkward. My mom on Facebook is kind of painful to watch.

My birthday is not actually until tomorrow, but shh. The plan is to have a low-key dinner with my boyfriend Shane and a few friends here in Wichita. We're going to a Hibachi restaurant. I love Hibachi. The cooks are almost always hilarious and fun to watch, and the food is always yummy. Shane has never experienced Hibachi, so it'll be fun taking him, too.

Aside from that, I'm not sure what else I'm going to do. I'm off tomorrow, and relaxing, reading books, and playing games is enough for me. I've never been one to plan big parties or anything like that. Maybe for my 30th birthday.

So. American Idol. I'm loving this season. Nicki Minaj is actually refreshing, and is bringing a new energy to the show.

The top ten girls and top ten guys just performed. Five of each will be moving on tomorrow to make the Top 10. I predict the girls advancing will be Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller, and Kree Harrison. For the boys, I predict Curtis Finch Jr., Nick Boddington, Lazaro Arbos, and Devin Velez will move on. The fifth of each is a toss-up. I could see Zoanette, Aubrey, or Tenna moving on for the girls, and really any of the other guys could take the fifth guy's spot, because all of them were just so-so tonight. Going from 10 to 5 of each is extreme, and anything can happen. 

I think this is a girl's year to win. We've had five white guys in a row win, and it's time for something else. The girls are also super strong this year. I'm excited.

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